"Business, after all, is nothing more than a bunch of human relationships."

- Lee Iacocca -

 Our team members have had many years of experience in logistics companies and distribution centres, gained both sitting in front of the computer screen in offices and behind the steering wheel on roads and highways throughout Europe. But experience is not the main thing we offer. We know very well that new friendships can also be formed thanks to business contacts and thus we make efforts to be friendly but stay professional when it comes to the client. You won't have to worry about transport of your goods anymore, we take care of it for you, from start to finish. It is said that most routes lead from A to B. However, we see things differently... The route always leads from A to Z. 

And WE are everything in between!


    Express and collection transport of consignment by 0,001kg to 1000kg using vehicles up to 3.5 t to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. We will provide all the customs documents, and hence a problem-free customs declaration (export/import). We have partners in customs clearance in the Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein. In this regard, we also offer forwarding services for the transport using vehicles over 3.5 t, which will be carried out exclusively by our verified partners.

    Express international and collection transport of consignment using vehicles up to 3.5 t, DOOR TO DOOR, JUST IN TIME!

    Express international transport of consignment with a required transport temperature of -2/+15 °C using vehicles up to 3.5 t, not only for food and pharmaceutical companies. Certification as a matter of course!

    GPS monitoring of our cars 24/7.

    For short-term and long-term storage of consignment, including their handling, you can use our monitored depot.

    International and domestic forwarding. We will ensure transportation of dangerous goods (ADR), cooling and refrigerating consignments, oversized loads, and logistically demanding transports. We will find the most suitable solution for the transport of unit and full-load consignments.


Fill in all the necessary information and we will get back to you in no time!


David Požár

Authorized Company Representative 

Dispatcher, export & freight forwarding

00420 739 314 667, david@transvia.cz

Marek Bahounek

Dispatcher, import & freight forwarding

00420 608 733 403, marek@transvia.cz

Olga Vránová


00420 731 387 302, fakturace@transvia.cz


6x Iveco Daily 3,0 HPT 180ps, load capacity 10pal or 27 m3 - 950kg, 490x235x235 

1x Renault Master 2,3L 165HP EUROBOX XXL IZO/FRIGO, load capacity 6pal or 23 m3 - 800kg, 450x203x230


After longer cooperation and mutual interaction, on November 1, 2023, we became a contractual partner of the European representative office of the multinational logistics company Coyote Logistics, a subsidiary of the American UPS. We have signed a long-term contract for the transport of service shipments for major players in the electronics market on lines between the Czech Republic and Switzerland, every working day in both directions! Paraphrasing Neil Armstrong's famous quote, we could say: One small step for logistics, one giant leap for Transvia. It is proof for us that we do our job really well and all our customers can rely on us 100%.

We also thank our drivers and customs partners both in the Czech Republic and in Switzerland. They are an integral part of this success!

And many others...


Transvia s.r.o.

Libina 538, 788 05 Libina

Office, warehouse

00420 739 314 667

00420 608 733 403


Transvia s.r.o.

Pila 97, 344 01 Domažlice Trhanov

ID: 17666414

VAT: CZ17666414


For the 2023/24 school year, we have become partners of the children's section of the Aikido Koloseum Šternberk sports club, which falls under the local TJ Sokol. The aim of the club is to support and develop Aikido as a moral and physical discipline created by Morihei Ueshiba from various traditional martial arts and based on his own spiritual knowledge. Aikido is not just a sport, it is a lifestyle, so the goal is to increase physical fitness, as well as education for harmonious and honest behavior in private and public life, as well as for national, racial and religious tolerance, democracy and humanism.